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FAQ/Help the new way to buy and sell. Place as many ads as you like. is for individuals and businesses. Users are able to post and search for as many listings as they wish.


TwinAds is an online community service with a different approach. We are both local and international. Our aim is to provide our users with an easy-to-use localized service covering all their needs: New and used cars, property, jobs, events, specials and much more. If you can advertise it, you can add it to TwinAds.


You can basically sell whatever you’ve got…within the bounds of the law.


There are no commissions or hidden fees. You keep all the profits of your sale.


This is an example of a newspaper print ad with a SEEitem ad number.


Toyota Camry 05 one lady owner

Full service history. Must sell today.

See photos at Ad # 1234

or call 555 234 523    Mon - Fri only



How much does it cost to place an ad? 


We have different types of advertising packages to suit everybody's needs.



Premium ads start from as little as $10  per month, per ad.


Premium ads get displayed first and get a higher search engine ranking.


There are many more advertising options available.


Business and website owners.


Add your business or website to the local Business or Website directory.

How do I place an ad?


Firstly you have to register to create an account. This is for free. An activation email will be sent to you and once you have activated your account you can start creating your own ads. Click on “ Create an Ad” , select an advertising package and click submit. Then follow the step-by-step instructions provided.


How do I add photos to my ad?


Click on the Browse button when creating your ad and select the photos from your computer.


How do I edit or delete an ad?


Once you are logged into your account, click on “My Ads” then select the edit or delete function in the “Actions” section.


How do I repost my ad?


Once you are logged into your account, click on “My Ads” then select the Repost function in the “Actions” section.


How often can I repost my ad?


You can Repost your ad as many times as you wish. Please make sure your ad is up-to-date and all your contact details are correct.


How long does it take for my ad to go online?


Your ad will be online as soon as your payment is complete.


How can I make sure my ad appears at the top of the list?


Premium ads are displayed first.



Can I post the same ad in multiple locations?


Yes you can. Please post your ads far apart ( in different cities or countries). We do not want to see a whole page of the same ad. Same ads posted to close together will be deleted.



How do I add a link to my other ad?


If you have an ad on any other website, you can add the link to your Twinads ad. You must copy and paste the URL into the Twinads ad when you are creating it. To copy the link go to your other ad and copy the URL or address in the web browser. You can do this by right clicking on the URL and then select copy. Make sure your ad is displayed when you copy the link. Go back to your Twinads ad that you are creating and paste this link into the empty space next to the “ Link to other ad or website”