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Crib skirt with Ruffle – cream pink baby girl crib bedding

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Crib Skirt with Ruffle in soft cream color with a light pink tint is perfect for adding a touch of shabby chic to your cream nursery with this soft pink crib skirt featuring a delicate ruffle detail. Perfect for a baby girl’s crib, it adds a charming dust ruffle to complete the look.

Create a dreamy and elegant nursery space for your little princess with our Crib Skirt with Ruffle in cream. Designed specifically for baby girls, this exquisite crib bedding features a delicate and charming style, perfect for adding a touch of shabby chic to your baby’s nursery.

Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, this crib skirt is made from high-quality soft mako sateen cotton fabric that ensures your baby’s comfort and safety. The cream color palette creates a soothing and serene atmosphere, while the soft pink ruffle adds a pop of feminine charm.

The dust ruffle design adds a delightful finishing touch to your baby’s crib, as it beautifully accentuates the crib’s base, hiding any clutter or storage underneath. Its flowing ruffle adds a sense of whimsy and grace, creating a picture-perfect look for your baby’s nursery.

Not only does this crib skirt enhance the aesthetic value of your baby’s crib, but it is also incredibly easy to care for. Made to withstand everyday use, it is machine washable, ensuring hassle-free cleaning.

A custom-made bed skirt for a child’s crib can be ordered in the desired length. You have the flexibility to choose the exact length that meets your requirements. Whether you prefer a shorter or longer bed skirt, it can be customized accordingly. Additionally, the bed skirt can be tailored to fit one, three, or all four sides of the crib, depending on the specific design of your crib. This consideration is important as some cribs have slats on all sides, while others may not. Furthermore, the placement of the crib in the room is another factor to consider. If the crib will be positioned against a wall, you may only need a bed skirt to cover the visible sides. On the other hand, if the crib will be placed in the middle of the room, a bed skirt that covers all four sides could be desired for a more cohesive look.

We have chosen to use high-quality Mako sateen fabric for the bed skirt, renowned for its luxurious feel and smooth texture. This fabric not only provides a sumptuous touch but also offers exceptional durability and long-lasting performance. With its superior craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail, the Mako sateen fabric is the perfect choice to add an elegant touch to your crib and enhance the overall aesthetic of your nursery.

Pair this crib skirt with our coordinating cream baby girl crib bedding collection to complete your nursery’s look. Whether you prefer a vintage-inspired shabby chic theme or a more modern and sophisticated ambiance, this crib skirt effortlessly adapts and complements any nursery decor.

Transform your baby’s nursery into a haven of tranquility and charm with our Crib Skirt with Ruffle in cream. Embrace the soft and soothing cream tones and create an enchanting space for your precious little one.

Fabric – 100% mako sateen cotton

Size of crib mattress:

47 x 24″ (120 x 60 cm)

55 x 28″ (140 x 70 cm)

28 x 52” (70 x 132 cm)

24 x 38” (61 x 97 cm)

If you have a different crib size, please let us know, and we will tailor the bed skirt to fit your specific measurements.

❀ Soft and gentle: Designed with your baby’s comfort in mind, our crib skirt is made from soft cotton that won’t irritate their delicate skin.

❀ Easy to install: The bed skirt for the crib is easy to put on. The base of the bed skirt is placed on the crib’s mattress support, while its long part is threaded through the gap between the mattress support and the crib’s walls. If the bed skirt covers one or three sides, it is secured on the open side with ties to prevent it from slipping.

❀ Practical storage: Our crib skirt creates extra space underneath the crib, making it convenient for storing diapers, blankets, or toys within easy reach.


Machine washable in 40°C. Ironing is allowed on the cotton setting. Do not tumble dry or bleach.

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4 reviews for Crib skirt with Ruffle – cream pink baby girl crib bedding

  1. glenys1307

    Just like the picture beautiful

  2. Deyonna

    Very good quality and beautiful

  3. Andrea

    I ordered a custom bed skirt. It is exactly as I wanted it.

  4. ktmclsu

    Matched perfectly with crib bedding

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