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Luxury Boho Muslin King Size Duvet Cover, Soft Queen Gauze Bed Linen Set, Perfect Cotton Double Comforter Cover, Ideal Housewarming Gift

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🧣FEATURES AND MATERIAL: Vivamaison queen duvet cover is made of 100% Turkish cotton gauze 4 layers muslin fabric material. This muslin organic bedding has become breathable, antiperspirant and durable thanks to the muslin fabric. This queen size cotton quilt cover a soft, curly and comfortable texture. Cotton bed cover is produced with yarn dyeing technique, so it can be used on both sides. Thanks to its air permeable and cotton-like texture, Duvet cover set does not sweat and absorbs moisture. It also keeps you warm. Since the comforter cover, is a handmade product, there may be +,- 5% deviations in measurements.


* This listing includes one linen duvet cover

* Prewashed for extra softness

* Please also order pillowcases to make a set.

✅SIZE OPTION: There are many size variants of this king size bedding. You can choose the best size option suitable for your home.

Size Options:

* 1xPillowcase 20×30″

* 2xPillowcase 20×30″

* 2xPillowcase 20×36″

* 2xPillowcase 20×38″

* 1xPillowcase 50×70 cm

* 2xPillowcase 50×70 cm

* 2xPillowcase 50×90 cm

* 2xPillowcase 50×100 cm

* US Twin 66×86″

* US Twin 68×88″

* US Twin 68×90″

* US Full 76×88″

* US Full 76×90″

* US Full 80×80″

* US Queen 85×88″

* US Queen 86×86″

* US Queen 90×88″

* US Queen 90×90″

* US King 102×90″

* US King 104×87″

* US King 104×90″

* US King 104×96″

* US King 106×90”

* US CalKing 104×94″

* US CalKing 108×96″

* EU 135×200 cm

* EU 140×200 cm

* EU 140×220 cm

* EU 150×200 cm

* EU 155×200 cm

* EU 160×200 cm

* EU 200×200 cm

* EU 200×220 cm

* EU 220×220 cm

* EU 225×220 cm

* EU 240×220 cm

* EU 260×220 cm

* EU 260×240 cm

* UK Single 135×200 cm

* UK IkeaSingle 150×200 cm

* UK Double 220×200 cm

* UK King 230×220 cm

* UK SKing 260×220 cm

* DE 135×200 cm

* DE 155×220 cm

* DE 240×220 cm

* FR 260×240 cm

* CH 160×210 cm

* CH 200×210 cm

* CH 220×240 cm

* CH 240×240 cm

* AU Single 140×210 cm

* AU KingSingle 160×210 cm

* AU Double 180×210 cm

* AU Queen 210×210 cm

* AU King 240×210 cm

* AU King 245×210 cm

* AU SKing 270×240 cm

🌈DIFFERENT COLORS: With this gauze comforter cover having more color options than each other, you can choose the color that will reflect you best.

Color Options: Mustard, Ecru, Indigo, Terracotta, Rose, Sage Green

🧼WASH: It is recommended to wash this unique king duvet cover at 40°C (104°F). Use the appropriate detergent for this custom duvet cover. Do not use optical detergent, bleach or bleach.

✨FABRİC FEATURE: Wrinkled Muslin fabric provides comfort in clothes and baby carrier cover products thanks to its light and fine texture. Thanks to its breathable structure, it offers a fresh use even in hot weather. The soft texture of muslin fabric provides a comfortable use without damaging sensitive baby skin. Muslin swaddle wrap also offers a comfortable wearing experience for adults. Muslin fabric has the ability to absorb water quickly. It is frequently preferred in products that require water absorbency such as diapers and towels. Made from natural fibers, Muslin fabric has a strong and durable structure. It maintains its quality even when washed. Thanks to its open weave, muslin is an exceptionally light and breathable fabric that helps keep your baby comfortable and warm, but at the same time allows air to flow freely, preventing the possibility of overheating. That’s why muslin fabric is the safest choice for all baby products. Muslin fabrics are very soft for your baby’s sensitive skin and ensure your child is comfortable, pampered and in a state of pure happiness.

✨MULTIPLE USES: This unique double duvet cover has multiple uses and is functional. You can use it at home, ceiling bedroom, farmhouse decor, housewarming gift and many more and can use it as a summer pique, bedspread, TV blanket, house warming gift and sofa shawl.You can measure the value of your loved ones by gifting this unique farmhouse bedding.

🚚SHIPPING: We produce these elegant bedding comforter within the business day you order them. Boho bedding set will be shipped immediately after 1-2 business days. During the shipment, the product is tracked and you are informed. Thank you for choosing us.

Please note that due to lighting effect and computer resolution, the actual colors of fabric may be slightly different from the pictures. If you have additional questions or are curious about finding the perfect set, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will try to find the best option for you.

8 reviews for Luxury Boho Muslin King Size Duvet Cover, Soft Queen Gauze Bed Linen Set, Perfect Cotton Double Comforter Cover, Ideal Housewarming Gift

  1. Tyffany

    thank you Tyffany !

  2. Anonymous

    It looks like the photo, not sure what happened but it smelled like smoke really badly.

  3. Anonymous

    thank you Michaela, smell causes manufacturing process because of high temprature and iron. thanks for your review 😊🙏

  4. Tyffany

    Love the color and material.

  5. michaela koskovick

    thank you Tyffany !

  6. Anonymous

    We love our new comforter cover. We have three of these from VivamaisonAtelier and we love the colors that they offer!

  7. Katelyn Statton

    Love the color and material.

  8. Anonymous

    thank you Katelyn ! hope to see you again 🙏

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