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Vintage Damask Taffeta Brocade Fringe Bedspread Coverlet Italy

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Beautiful bespread coverlet. In good vintage condition with some wear to the fringe (see photos). 96 inches long X 80 inches wide. Use it as intended or repurpose it into something else. Message me with any questions and thanks for shopping my store. Be sure to check out my other vintage items. Please keep in mind these are vintage items and will have some wear.

4 reviews for Vintage Damask Taffeta Brocade Fringe Bedspread Coverlet Italy

  1. marajunean

    Love the curtains, excellent vintage quality!

  2. Lauren W

    Shipping was lightning fast. Thank you!

  3. Laurette C Hesselink

    Really pleased, they do not them like this anymore🙂

  4. Catarina

    Beautiful and in good condition. Vintage piece that is still very in line with today’s aesthetics. The bottle openings are generous and will accommodate any bottle size. However the cork bases are a little small and it was difficult to find bottle that were the right size. Still, a wonderful vintage piece that we are planning on using on our boat.

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